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Why buy a vip account?

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  • Why buy a vip account?

    why buy vip

    One of the reasons why you should buy a VIP account to download at Ny-cosplay.com, is because it helps me pay for the server, it’s a VPS which I have to pay 67 dollars every month.

    Maintaining a website is often not cheap.

    In addition to this, sometimes a problem arises or something needs to be fixed, added or modified and for this you have to pay a web programmer to do it.

    Another reason is that with your support the website is still alive and you can enjoy all its content.

    We do not charge for a single publication, perhaps you came looking to download content from a girl and it is unfair to pay for a single download.

    We charge for the work that it takes us to publish the daily content. We publish 15 to 25 Posts a day, that takes us 6 to 8 hours between downloading and re-uploading the content, sometimes we have to buy VIP accounts on other pages to be able to bring content to ours, we try to do it right and publish quality content.

    In conclusion.

    With your help, the server is still alive and that helps us to continue growing and sharing quality content.
    We are the only website that publishes between 15 and 25 posts a day.

    Atte : ny-cosplay.com






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